Fix units' types in cards pages Edit

Problem Edit

Card template uses the same field to determine the type of damage dealt and the type of the unit. The problems arises with magical damage, as some of the creatures are melee (move and attack) and some are ranged (do not move if they attacked):

  • Shadow damage: ghosts are melee, but vampires are ranged, Dante (undead) is melee
  • Holy damage: all are ranged except Alice (human) which is melee

Possible solution Edit

Modify a template so it uses two fields - one for damage type and one for unit type (it will require to modify each card on cards pages). Is it then necessary to have more unit types other than melee, ranged and wall?

Add cards used by bosses in the challenges (they are not in the game guide) Edit

Bosses use cards that cannot be used by players and that are not in the guide. However it still would be useful to add their descriptions on the wiki. At least the following cards are missing from the guide/wiki:

  • longbow arrow tower from desert fortress
  • heroic/sunder armour fencer from castle of bones stage 2

Already done:

  • goblin mines from shimmering cave
  • heroic backstab tengu from windy cliffs stage 2
  • rage/regen ogre from sanguine tribe

Describe cow level in Ascension Tower Edit

  • add the level configuration in ascension tower page
  • add the cows to the beast cards page

Add spell effects to creatures' abilities page? Edit

Some spells give effects that cannot be given otherwise, such as e.g. Immovable Object or Forgetfulness. Add these effects to the wiki as creatures' abilities (because their are in fact temporary abilities) and to the category.

Add new cards Edit

  • Tytus from special / tower
  • Ranger PvP skills (from special / PvP Skills)
    • Flashbomb
    • Tactic: Distraction
  • Mage PvP skills (from special / PvP Skills)
    • Forgetfulness
    • Lighting Tempest
  • Priest PvP skills (from special / PvP Skills)
    • Sacred Touch
    • Blessing: Sanctuary

  • Promotional (event) cards:
    • a boy that summons cows
    • Romeo and Juliet

Using creature's ability pages to list which creatures have it Edit

As it currently is, there would be no need for a whole page for every single skill. I therefore suggest using them for creature linkage, to know which of them possess (pagename) ability. -- Drakoner (talk) 07:19, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

Good idea! Also there are two skills of the same name but different effects - Virgo and Call of the Undead King - and these are not differed in creature tables. Jarcionek (talk) 11:05, August 3, 2013 (UTC)