All quests require to upgrade to specified level.

Upgrade to Unlocks Description Rewards
Level 5 Class Selection You will rise to Level 5 after you complete Region 1.
After class selection, you will be able to use distinctive class skills.
500 Silver small
Level 6 City Hall You will become Level 7 after claiming the rewards for completing Region 1.
The City Hall supplies you with Silver and Crystals and is required to construct other buildings.
500 Silver small
Level 9 Arena You will become Level 9 after claiming all Quests Rewards.
You can battle with and against other players in the Arena! The game has three modes: 1v1, 2v2 and 4v4.
500 Silver small
Level 10 Challenge Hall In the Challenge Hall you can adventure with other players and claim rich rewards.
Standard pack Contains 6 random standard cards. May contain Epic rank cards.
500 Silver small
Level 11 Guild Hall Gain experience from Map Regions, Boss Fights and Arena battles.
Make friends and research powerful Tech in the Guild Hall!
1000 Silver small
Level 12 Alchemy Lab Get experience from Map Regions, Boss Fights and the Arena.
The Alchemy Lab can Combine, Extract and Fuse cards.
Build / Upgrade the Alchemy Lab in the City Hall.
1000 Silver small
Level 13 Seaport Get can gain experience from Map Regions, Boss Fights and the Arena battles.
Go on Expeditions from the Seaport and gather Exp., Silver and Crystal!
Build and upgrade the Seaport in the City Hall.
1000 Silver small
Level 14 Blacksmith Get experience from Map Regions, Boss Fights and the Arena.
Enchant and Combine equipment at the Blacksmith's forge!
Upgrade the Blacksmith in the City Hall.
1000 Silver small
Level 15 Shimmering Cave (N) Boss Fights can yield equipment, Epic cards, Gold, Silver and more!
A Standard Race pack has 6 random cards from a certain race. May contain Epic cards.
1000 Silver small
3 Good gem
Level 20 Dark Forest (N) The Elite pack has a higher chance of Rare and Epic rank cards. 10 Gold small
6 Good gem
Level 25 Ascension Tower, Sanguine Tribe (N) The Ascension Tower has 50 levels, each with great rewards!
Increase Reputation points with items from the Tower shop. Battle the Sanguine Tribe (N).
1000 Silver small
2 Rare gem
Level 30 Windy Cliff (N) Windy Cliff (Normal) isn't so easy, we'd suggest you take 3 friends! 30 Gold small
4 Rare gem
Level 35 Boss Fight Hard Boss Fights (H) can yield 'King's Equipment', up to Legendary rank cards, plus Gold and Silver! (Hard) Boss Fights are very tough... take some friends! 2000 Silver small
6 Rare gem
Level 40 Desert Fortress, Castle of Bones Desert Fortress & Castle of Bones can drop unique equipment, up to Legendary rank cards, Gold and Silver.
These Boss Fights are very difficult, take allies!
90 Gold small
1 Epic gem
Level 45 King's Masoulseum - 180 Gold small
2 Epic gem

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